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Undercover Marketing!

How to market your books on $0.00 Budget! Undercover Marketing! During the next few months my goal is to aggressively market The Julius Thompson Trilogy: A Brownstone In Brooklyn (20th Anniversary), Philly Style and Philly Profile and The Ghost of Atlanta. It's a demanding process when your marketing budget is $0.00. That means the word free is the key component to selling books.

The strategy I've used comes from John Kremer's book: 1001 Ways to Market your books. From Kremer's book I use a marketing strategy called: The Rule of Five. That means I will do five things everyday to market my three books.

I do not have a literary agent, a publicist or a marketing budget except what I can squeeze from my paycheck. I've used all kinds of strategies to break through the noise of other authors promoting their books, the indifference that is met by an up and coming author and the fight to break onto the shelve space of the local brick and mortar bookstores.

Undercover Marketing, to me, is a strategy to use any book event to market my books, and is something that keeps my hopes for success in the publishing world alive.

Yesterday, I pounded the pavement of Decatur, Georgia giving out brochures, bookmarks, business cards and flyers at a local author event at the Decatur Public Library. It seems like I was able to make a little headway and maybe take a few more steps toward becoming a brand-name author. If you have any comments or marketing strategy ideas, please email me: juliusthomwrites at

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